The dreaded task of data entry still exists in an age of AI – but can be less disliked!

Data-entry is difficult to eliminate as a task, but a single despised task does not always mean an entirely despised job, says an observer.

Innovation in Procurement: How CPOs Can Deliver Value

.....Despite the prospect of positive outcomes from driving innovation through the procurement function, some executives still haven’t jumped on board. That’s a dangerous stance to take. Those who fail to achieve optimal levels of innovation risk falling behind the competition. The most recent research found 52 percent of businesses saying that the formation of ecosystems by rivals poses a significant threat......

London start-up launches first big batch of satellites

"We consider ourselves as an international project, but we navigate in a difficult world where not everybody gets along," Mr Steckel said. "And our sense is that the UK's flag and approach allows us to have dialogue with partners that we otherwise might not have the ability to do."


As businesses today continue to harness the power of globalization to expand performance, the role of effectively sourcing goods and services from suppliers has become inevitable. Additionally, procurement is transforming into a more strategic function that is aligned to organizational goals and objectives. Furthermore, issues like economic and political volatility, technological disruption, etc. have rendered market a fierce competition. Hence, it is important for organizations to adopt effective strategic sourcing skills and processes to maximize their business performance and efficiency to gain a competitive advantage over their peers........

How a cloud operating model benefits employees and customers

.....The secret to being able to effectively answer these questions is to adopt a cloud operating model. A cloud operating model allows a deeper relationship between the business and IT and allows IT to better support the business to compete more effectively in its market. How do you build such a model? By combining the company’s current goals, its metrics for growth and success, and the strategy that the board agreed when it first considered a move to the cloud........

This futuristic, floating city can withstand Category 5 hurricanes

........The villages, which would not have cars or trucks, would use aquaponic systems and vertical farming to grow enough food to feed residents year-round. The platforms would be anchored by something called Biorock, which is a very strong material (harder than concrete) created by exposing underwater minerals to electrical currents. The cities can be seen in a series of concept images........

3 Signs Your Startup Might Die …. taken from Startups that Actually did DIE!

.......... The market will shift and you will need to build a business that adapts quickly. If you don’t, you’ll survive only until a newer, better version of your business offers the market what it really wants.........

Openness is key to success in a data-driven world

Globalization is entering a new phase defined by “information,” where millions of small and midsize businesses are building e-commerce marketplaces to trade with the rest of the world. In a digital world, technologies like cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the drivers of future economic growth

Australia’s cloud market booms as productivity benefits unfold

Combining the positive effects of cloud integration, the Australian economy has had an injection of pace over the last half a decade, and this appears to be just the start. The productivity benefit from cloud technology has been increasing annually, building a substantial cumulative benefit over the last half a decade.

Brazil Is More Than Samba. Here We Unveil One Of The Fastest Growing Data Centre Markets In The Southern Hemisphere

The country is Latin America’s largest technology ecosystem with the IT market growing 9.8% in 2018, reaching $47bn and surpassing previous forecasts of 4.1% growth for the period and will continue to grow at 10.5% in 2019, according to a study prepared by IDC in partnership with the Brazilian Software Association (ABES).