COVID-19 is sparking a new wave of tech innovation in India

There are a number of reasons for the quick response, including the urgency of the humanitarian situation and a proactive approach to crowdsourcing ideas from the government. India also has a wealth of trained engineering talent and helps foster what’s called jugaad – a frugal innovation mindset to find hacks to problems with limited resources.

The dreaded task of data entry still exists in an age of AI – but can be less disliked!

Data-entry is difficult to eliminate as a task, but a single despised task does not always mean an entirely despised job, says an observer.

Are you losing control of tech expenses?

......Technology is already among the leading five organisational expenses and is fast heading toward the top of the list. Moreover, technology expenditure has moved away from long-term capex projects with massive capital outlay to short-term operational expenses and monthly contracts, switching services 'on' and 'off' at will which requires a management platform that keeps close tabs on IT expenses........

Innovation in Procurement: How CPOs Can Deliver Value

.....Despite the prospect of positive outcomes from driving innovation through the procurement function, some executives still haven’t jumped on board. That’s a dangerous stance to take. Those who fail to achieve optimal levels of innovation risk falling behind the competition. The most recent research found 52 percent of businesses saying that the formation of ecosystems by rivals poses a significant threat......

London start-up launches first big batch of satellites

"We consider ourselves as an international project, but we navigate in a difficult world where not everybody gets along," Mr Steckel said. "And our sense is that the UK's flag and approach allows us to have dialogue with partners that we otherwise might not have the ability to do."

SMEs should go green by moving to the cloud

“The most crucial categories of cloud services available for these SMEs are: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). With these services, because the data and applications are hosted remotely, it takes away the usual cost and burden of acquiring and installing hardware and software, along with the required maintenance. Furthermore, remote services also allow users to eliminate the space and energy requirements of on-site servers and hardware,”


As businesses today continue to harness the power of globalization to expand performance, the role of effectively sourcing goods and services from suppliers has become inevitable. Additionally, procurement is transforming into a more strategic function that is aligned to organizational goals and objectives. Furthermore, issues like economic and political volatility, technological disruption, etc. have rendered market a fierce competition. Hence, it is important for organizations to adopt effective strategic sourcing skills and processes to maximize their business performance and efficiency to gain a competitive advantage over their peers........

How a cloud operating model benefits employees and customers

.....The secret to being able to effectively answer these questions is to adopt a cloud operating model. A cloud operating model allows a deeper relationship between the business and IT and allows IT to better support the business to compete more effectively in its market. How do you build such a model? By combining the company’s current goals, its metrics for growth and success, and the strategy that the board agreed when it first considered a move to the cloud........

$3 million energy technology investment for regional Victoria

Making sure solar assets are backed up by dispatchable generation is vital for energy grid stability. This technology will work much like a solar farm that is backed up by pumped hydro, making sure solar PV can continue to lower emissions while keeping the lights on across Australia.

5 steps to reimagining operational architecture and boosting results with IoT

Sustainable investments are necessary for a comprehensive transformation programme, including the redesign of business processes. IoT should ultimately be viewed as an ever-present ingredient in an organisation’s architecture that facilitates operational outcomes.