Africa can lead the world in new technologies

Africa will soon have the world’s second-largest continental population. As the Pan-African economy develops, so does an opportunity that most developed economies lack: the collective choice to embrace emerging technologies and generate the infrastructure required to support a robust and well-equipped future workforce.

Digital healthcare: growing telehealth market to reach €22bn by 2025

Telehealth also involves a wide range of videoconferencing, health information, telecommunications, and digital image technologies. The virtual technology and telecommunications are used in telehealth to deliver health care facilities outside of traditional healthcare facilities.

Artificial intelligence will make Indian businesses smarter

“This not only enabled a streamlined automated recruitment process with no scope for biases, delays and inaccurate fitments but also led to 92 per cent saving of time in shortlisting, 70 per cent improvement in hiring efficiency and 66 per cent saving in costs.”

5 Tools & Practices that can help Your Remote Team

Let’s face it: It often gets perplexing to work with coworkers who are in the same office. Some people don’t gel well, or there might be an issue with communication. These problems become more critical when workers are dispersed all over the globe.

Have YOU Taken Advantage of the 2020 Trends? Don’t Miss Out!

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Innovation in Procurement: Why and How??

For procurement to better contribute to institutional effectiveness, then, it needs to innovate. Promoting innovation in procurement means processes that are transparent and efficient, and that facilitate equal access and open competition. Innovative solutions to public service needs are instrumental to delivering better services with long-term value for money.

EuroSpar & Spar stores introduce ‘Scan, Pay, Go’ app

Many larger retailers in the grocery sector across the UK have introduced their own versions of app-based self-service technology, but it is rare for a convenience sector to follow suit. The launch of the tech also comes at a time when all shops remaining open in the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis are calling on shoppers to use contactless payment where possible to contain the spread of the disease by limiting human to human contact.

Procurements Value Super SIX

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General Motors takes supply chain proficiency in the Middle East to NEW HEIGHTS

In the ever-evolving conversation centred around the autonomous and electric vehicles of the future, one could be easily forgiven for failing to recognise the impact this will have on the manufacturers and the procurement networks of the automotive and transportation sector. As the eyes of the world focus on when we will see EVs and autonomous vehicles, the question should really be how.......

The Age of Electric Cars is Dawning Ahead of Schedule

As car sales collapsed in Europe because of the pandemic, one category grew rapidly: electric vehicles. One reason is that purchase prices in Europe are coming tantalizingly close to the prices for cars with gasoline or diesel engines.